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Imagine having the ability to ask any questions and get them all answered…

You don’t have time to read all the technical books, search the internet for answers, or time to spend with a lot of Trial and Error education! In fact, you might be tired of watching a lot of outdated YouTube videos try to learn how to resolve an issue you are having! Come join us and discover the answers to your questions that are perplexing you!

Let’s face it – you are building a business and websites may not be your area of expertise! Stick to doing what you do best and let us answer your technical WordPress questions.

"You will be able to ask all your questions about your website and how it pertains to your business. I am talking about specific issues you might be having with your site. You will be able to interact LIVE and actually see what needs to be done on your computer. You can even follow along if you want!"

Some Testimonials...


Jeanne Kolenda

When I signed up for your WordPress coaching, I knew it was important for me to master this basic. I’m so glad I did, and you were an amazing teacher/coach.
Thanks so much for your support, and I appreciate your expertise.

I highly recommend your coaching and I look forward to your timely posts, always full of good ideas and suggestions”


Helen Raptoplous

Website Owner

“Paul Taubman is a Rock star Teacher!! I was in a WordPress class with him and he went into such great and easy to understand detail. He went at a pace where everyone felt comfortable and answered questions before there was even a chance to ask them because he was so in-tune with the subject.
I was so very very impressed with how great of a teacher he is! Oh and the best part, he made it fun!! He took a simple and sometimes tedious subject and made it a blast!! Paul is really an entertainer and comedian masking as a teacher! He is amazing and fabulous and if you have a chance to learn from him or work with him, jump on it!!

Way to go Paul, truly I am in awe with you and impressed beyond words!!”



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