Upcoming Schedule

Below is the schedule for the WordPress Inner Circle Academy Members.

All times are EASTERN

Please note that the first February date has changed due to the USA Valentine’s Day Holiday (it is also my Wedding Anniversary!) Disclaimer: SUbject to change with LOTS of notice.

December 12/28 – Wednesday (4th Wed) Noon
January 1/10 – 2nd Tues 8pm
1/25 – 4th Wed Noon
February 2/15 – 2nd Wed 8pm – Change
2/22 – 4th Wed Noon
March 3/14 – 2nd Tues 8pm
3/22 – 4th Wed Noon
April 4/11 – 2nd Tues 8pm
4/26 – 4th Wed Noon
May 5/9 – 2nd Tues 8pm
5/24 – 4th Wed Noon
June 6/13 – 2nd Tues 8pm
6/28 – 4th Wed Noon
July 7/11 – 2nd Tues 8pm
7/26 – 4th Wed Noon
August 8/8 – 2nd Tues 8pm
8/23 – 4th Wed Noon
September 9/12 – 2nd Tues 8pm
9/27 – 4th Wed Noon
October 10/10 – 2nd Tues 8pm
10/25 – 4th Wed Noon
November 11/14 – 2nd Tues 8pm
11/28 – 4th Tues Noon – CHANGE
December 12/12 – 2nd Tues 8pm
12/27 – 4th Wed Noon


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  1. Hi Paul:
    I’m not sure if this is the kind of question you answer… I had slider testimonials on my website. My whole site is a blogsite, in essence. So I created the Categories Testimonials, w/sub categories: Speaking, Coaching. And I entered a new testimonial. but I don’t know how to get speaker testimonials to appear on my speaking page, and coaching on my coaching page. (All WP btw)

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