October 2018 WPICA Training-copy

Here is the October 2018 WordPress Inner Circle Academy training session.

(Note – there are some audio issues in the first┬áminute or so)
00:00 Welcome remarks
02:43 Creating blog posts faster and more effective
04:57 >Content curation demonstration
05:33 >>Youtube content
24:30 >>Other blog content
32:26 >>Automatic Featured Image from Youtube/Vimeo plugin
36:54 >Repurposing content
39:20 >>Descript.com walkthrough
44:20 >>Writing article on linkedin
49:32 >>Grammarly plugin in action
51:40 >Responsivity plugin demonstration
58:33 >One Click Print plugin demonstration
63:55 WordPress Gutenberg explained
67:03 Ezinarticles.com walkthrough
73:21 Goodbye


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